General Terms and Conditions

By placing his bet the player acknowledges the General Terms and Conditions and betting rules of Top Goal (Malta) Ltd. (Top Goal) in their respective valid version at the time of the betting contract.

All bets are placed with Top Goal (Malta) Ltd, of 68, Northfields Independence Avenue, No. 5, Mosta, Malta. Top Goal (Malta) Ltd are operating under licenses dated 1st August 2018, MGA/B2C/183/2010, issued and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority ( The MGA is a regulatory body for remote gaming licenses in Malta.

Only persons who are over 18 years of age, or over the legal age in their jurisdiction, but in any case not less than 18 years of age may place bets. Estonian Players should be over 21 years of age. Residents of the USA are not allowed to register as players with Topgoal. It is the players’ responsibility to ensure that their betting is legal. Players must register personally and must provide valid details during the registration process. Such details include First Name, SurName, Address and Email address and date of birth. Topgoal collects and keeps such information for the purpose of providing a service to its players. Players are also bound to inform Topgoal of any change in their contact details.

Players are allowed to open only one account for Sportsbetting.

Topgoal offers Sportsbetting games. website in use by Topgoal is

Exclusively the following terms and conditions of betting apply to all conclusions of bets and deals. Upon publication of these terms and conditions of betting, all previous terms and conditions shall cease to be valid.

Topgoal reserves the right to modify these terms of use and publish the new version on the web portal. When a major change is carried out on the terms and conditions the player will be requested to accept the new terms and conditions before proceeding. Should the player, due to any possible changes, not wish to continue using the services of Topgoal anymore, he can withdraw all available funds and close his account. Once accepted the new terms and conditions will come into effect from thereon.

Upon conclusion of a bet, the bettor acknowledges the validity and applicability of the version of the terms and conditions at the time of acceptance of the bet.

The bettor is obliged to check the bet for correctness immediately upon it being displayed and confirming it. Subsequent complaints are not taken into account. The gaming system records are authoritative for all bets.

Funds used to place bets with Top Goal must not originate from illegal or criminal activity. Controls are in place in order to monitor and investigate potential money laundering activities. Any suspicious transactions may be reported to the relevant authorities.

Identification documents may be requested from players at any time, and always when winnings are equal to or exceed the amount of €2300.

Topgoal prohibits the use of devices such as robots that distort normal game play.

A bet is considered as placed with the players' declaration of intent to place a bet with Top Goal (Malta) Ltd and acceptance of same, and thereafter may not be cancelled by either party. As a rule a bet is only accepted if it was placed before the beginning of the betting event. Topgoal may refuse the acceptance of any bet without giving reasons.

All bets must be placed before the beginning of the betting event. The beginning times of events stated represent the estimated planned beginning times, which may change in individual cases. If incorrect beginning times were stated in error, or if the betting event was brought forward at short notice, the closing time for acceptance of bets is considered to be the actual beginning time.

It is prohibited for players to sell, transfer and/or acquire accounts to/from other players. The player registration may be refused or closed at Top Goal's sole discretion but contractual obligations already made will be honoured.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Any funds deposited must be utilised for the placing of bets and to play games. Requesting a withdrawal of deposited funds not utilised for game play will raise an alarm of possible fraud or money laundering.

The player confirms that funds deposited are his own and have not emanated from any criminal activity, terrorism or money laundering. Before a player can deposit money a 'Know Your Client' procedure will be carried out.

All transactions are checked for possible fraud or money laundering activity. Any suspicious activity on an account could lead to the player being reported to the relevant authorities and freezing of the funds and could also lead to the closure of the account and confiscation of the funds.

The refund policy of (Top Goal) is to not affect any refunds. However, it remains at management’s discretion to determine whether a refund request for a deposit made should be entertained.

Funds cannot be transferred from the account of one player to the account of another player.

Top Goal will do its utmost to process any withdrawal requests within 3-5 working days from receipt of such request.

Whenever possible withdrawals are always transferred to the same account used to deposit. Where this is not possible funds will be transferred to an account in the name of the player and evidence may be requested to prove ownership of the account.

At any time, a player can decide to withdraw part or all of his funds from his account. Top Goal will not charge any fees for withdrawals; however, all bank or payment processor fees will be borne by the player. Once all the available funds have been withdrawn, the player has the right to close his Top Goal account if he wishes to do so.

The player acknowledges that Top Goal may only entertain withdrawal requests once it is satisfied about the player’s identity.

The player hereby also acknowledges that Topgoal will identify players requesting cumulative withdrawals of €2300.

Dormant Accounts

If an account remains inactive for a period of 30 months Top Goal is obliged to report such accounts to the Malta Gaming Authority, in accordance with the Remote Gaming Regulations. If Top Goal is unable to refund the funds to the player, the outstanding balances will be transferred to the Malta Gaming Authority. The player will have to contact the Authority to recover his available balance.

Data Protection

Top Goal has notified the Commissioner for Data Protection that it is processing personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 2001 of the Laws of Malta.

We will only process your personal data for the purposes for which it collected it, namely to provide you with an online betting service.

Top Goal does not share your data with any other third parties; however, at times we may be required by law or legal process to disclose your personal information. We may also disclose information about you if we believe that disclosure is necessary for the public interest.

You have a right to access your data and request it to be changed or deleted at no cost to yourself.

For further information about how we process your data please view our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to Topgoal (Malta) Ltd (“the Company”). We have notified the Commissioner of Data Protection about the processing of data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta).

We endeavour to keep your personal information protected at all times by implementing adequate technical and organizational controls.

Please take a moment to read the following policy to learn how we handle your personal information, as your use of our services will indicate your acceptance of its content.

Purpose for the collection of personal information

We collect and use your personal information to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements; for historical and statistical purposes; for security and control; to provide you with our services; and, to make more of such services available to you in the future. From time to time, we may also use your personal information to contact you by mail, email, telephone or mobile phone to introduce you to our products or any events, activities, projects, plans, developments, undertakings and special offers taking place, being promoted or supported by the Company.

The data supplied by you upon registering online or thereafter shall be kept by Topgoal and will solely by used to determine the legality of registration and activity on the Website.

By supplying us with your information you confirm that you do not consider use of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy to be a breach of your rights under the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta).

We encourage you to contact us at any time and remind you of your right to opt out at any time from receiving any promotional or marketing materials from us.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

As a policy the Company will not disclose any personal information to anyone other than those employees that need access to your data to provide you with a service.

We may, however, be required by law or legal process to disclose your personal information to authorities such as the local Malta Gaming Authority.

Protection of your personal information

The Company safeguards the security of the data you provide us with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. Please note that we cannot guarantee that any data transmitted over the Internet is completely secure. Accordingly, we encourage you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet.

Access to your personal information

The Management of Topgoal together with the Fraud Team will have the right to access the submitted personal information relating to the registered players.

You always have a right of access to the information we have about you. To review and update your personal contact information, simply contact Topgoal on, and you will be provided with information about your personal data we hold. If you prefer you may contact our Customer Service using the contact details available on the site. Additionally, you have the right to have any inaccurate information corrected and where applicable, erased.

It is our right to ask you to provide us with a written request for information we hold about you.

Commitment to privacy

To make sure your personal information remains confidential; we communicate these privacy guidelines to every employee of the Company.
Topgoal’s website may, from time to time, contain links to other sites. The Company does not share your personal information with those websites and is not responsible for their privacy practices. We encourage you to learn about the privacy policies of any such company.
If we are going to use your personal information differently from that stated at the time of collection, we will inform you accordingly.
Topgoal’s Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. It is in your interest to review the privacy policy regularly for any changes.

Responsible Gaming

Topgoal provides online gaming to its players to be able to enjoy their gambling. However, for some this activity may cease to be of fun and while some gamble within their means, for others gambling can become a problem as it can turn into an addiction. For this reason, Topgoal has put mechanisms in place so that the player is able to take full control of his gambling before it is too late.


For sportsbetting, limits are in place to

    i. limit on the amount the player may bet
    ii. limit on the amount the player may deposit within a specified period of time
    iii. exclude himself from playing for a definite or indefinite period of time

For all limits set, they will be implemented as soon as they are received by Topgoal. However, for your benefit you will not be allowed to remove any restrictions placed on your account or bets until a minimum period of seven days has elapsed from when you created the limitation.

SportsBetting Rules

These Rules apply to all bets concluded with Topgoal. The player acknowledges that he has read the Rules and that he accepts the Rules as being applicable at the time the bet is placed and accepted.

The player must check the bet slip immediately for correctness and completeness. Later objections cannot be considered.

Additional information about betting events is a voluntary service of Topgoal to its players. All statements made herewith as well as the completeness are explicitly not warranted. Thus the possible absence of such information does not affect the validity of a bet. Furthermore, Topgoal assumes that the punter has informed himself about the events he intends to place a bet on.

Refusal of bets

We reserve the right to refuse any bet that is submitted to us, without giving a reason. On occasions where we are willing to accept a part of a bet, or accept a bet but at different odds or terms, we will always propose a revised bet to the player who can then accept or decline the revised bet.

Cancellation/Alteration of bets

Once a bet has been placed, it cannot be altered or cancelled by the customer after 15 minutes from the confirmation of the bet.

Price changes

All of our prices (odds) are subject to variation at any time. We will accept bets only at the price that is applicable to the selection at the time that the bet is submitted.

Palpable errors

Topgoal reserves the right to amend bets where the price taken by a player for a selection was wrongly displayed by us, or a selection was incorrectly described. Such an error may have occurred due to an error in transmission of prices, or by a human error when inputting price information. In all cases we will be able to demonstrate what the correct price was at the time the bet was made, or that in fact there was no price for that selection.

If a bet is being placed on a palpably wrong price or selection, and we discover the mistake before the start of the event, Topgoal will - whenever possible - offer the player the option to cancel the bet or have the bet settled at the correct price (at the time the bet was made) or the current price - whichever is the greater.

Where Topgoal does not hear from the player all palpable error bets will be made void regardless of the outcome. Similarly, where there is no price for a selection, or we discover the mistake after the start of an event, bets will be made void. In such an event the stake will be re-paid to the player.

Topgoal does not assume any liability for misprints, human failure or obvious errors, leading to evident miscalculations. In such cases Topgoal is entitled to effect corrections.

Changes regarding events

If an event is put forward or it takes place at a different time than scheduled in the events published, only bets which have been accepted until this moment are valid.

If a cancelled or annulled event is restarted or continued until the end of the day of the following day (which shall be calculated on the basis of the original venue, the local time of the original venue and the original start time of the betting event), the bet shall be valid for the restarted event. In all other cases the odds for the cancelled or annulled event are set at 1.0.

The basic principle “play or pay” applies to all bets, which means that the bet is lost if a starter on which the bet is placed, regardless of the reasons, does not participate and the event takes place.

Maximum payouts

The maximum payout (inclusive of stake) on any one bet is € 12,500.

Minimum stakes

The usual minimum stake for any single stake bet is € 1.
The usual minimum unit stake for any combination bet is € 0.10.
These minimum stakes may change for different betting opportunities.

There is no maximum stake for a bet. All bets are subject to the maximum payout relating to that betting opportunity. The system will typically identify bets placed where the maximum payout amount is exceeded and the punter will be informed accordingly. Should a bet, where the winnings exceed the maximum payout, be erroneously accepted Topgoal reserves the right to only payout the maximum payout amount.

Late bets

Bets placed unintentionally or otherwise after the start of an event (excepting cases where we are specifically offering ‘in running’ betting) are invalid. The time displayed on the betting slip shall be deemed as the time of acceptance of the bet. For the avoidance of doubt, the time displayed on the betting slip corresponds to the time on our servers. If the time of the acceptance is later than the effective start of the event the bet is deemed to be late and invalid.

All times displayed are for information purposes only, and we adhere to official start times (or ‘off’ times) of events and races.

While we try to always remove the opportunity to bet on an event once it has started, should an event remain ‘open’ this is not in itself an indication that we are willing to take bets on the event. We reserve the right to refer back to start or ‘off’ times and cancel late bets.

If a bet is late or not placed according to these Rules, the bet will be invalid, the odds are set at 1.0 and the stake will be paid back. In respect of combination or a system bets, the odds for events concluded after the actual start or betted on, are set at 1.0 and in the case of a single bets paid back. All other events within the combination or system bet, which has been placed before the start of the respective game, shall remain in place and shall be evaluated after the end of all events of the betting slip accordingly to the denoted quotes.


Winner of an event shall be that who is declared as the winner by the respective jury at 24:00 (local time of the venue) on the day of the event. This does also apply to long-term bets. All changes to the ranking list after this time, regardless of the reason/s, do not affect the payout.

In general, the decisions made by the referee, the umpire or the jury respectively at the time of the event or at the end of the event are authoritative. All subsequent decisions at the “green table” or because of “other byelaws or proceedings” do not influence the outcome of the event for betting purposes.
If more than one participant is declared as the winner within the same event (“Dead Heat”), the odds will be split according to the number of winners of the event.

Ball games

In respect of football games the result after 90 minutes (regular full time) and in respect of ice hockey games the result after 60 minutes (regular full time) is authoritative. Any extra time or penalty shoot-outs do not influence the payout of winnings. Offered bets, which have to be labelled respectively (e.g. American sports with overtime), are excepted from this provision.

American sports

In respect of American sports (NFL, NBA, MLB and college sport), the result after a possible extra time (overtime) is authoritative for the evaluation of the bet. In respect of the NHL (three-way with tip X for a draw) the result after 60 minutes (regular full time) is decisive.

If there is no winner because of a “point-spreads” (e.g. the team with - 6 points wins with exactly 6 points ahead), the odds for the bet will be set at 1.0.

Bets on baseball games (MLB) will be valuated as cancelled and the stake will be paid back if the game does not take place as originally scheduled or does not start at least within 12 hours after the original start time.

If an event is abandoned and is officially valuated nevertheless, this result will be authoritative for the calculation of the winnings.

If events of American sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB as well as college sports) are abandoned before the official full time is up, the events are deemed to be played if:
NBA: after at least 43 minutes of the playing time
WNBA and college basketball: after at least 35 minutes of the playing time
NFL and college football: after at least 55 minutes of the playing time
MLB: after at least 5 innings are played or after 4, 5 innings are played respectively, if the home team is leading. The result after the last complete inning is always authoritative, unless the home team equalizes or gets in the lead during the second half of an inning. In such a case the result at the time of abort of the game applies.


If a tennis game is cancelled before at least one ball has been served, the odds are deemed to be set at 1.0.

If a game ends early because a player drops out because of inability to continue to play or disqualification, all single bets will be invalid and the stakes will be re-paid (odds 1.0). Affected combination bets will be re-calculated without this part of the bet, for which the odds are deemed to be 1.0!

If a game is postponed, interrupted and newly scheduled, the bets within the scope of the tournament persists until the game is played. If a game is not played within a tournament (e.g. a single exhibition game), the game will be declared as invalid (odds 1.0) in the event the game is not continued and finished within 72 hours. If a match is not played, all single bets will be invalid and the stakes will be re-paid (odds 1.0)! Concerned combination bets will be re-calculated without taking the invalid part into consideration (odds 1.0 for this part of the bet).

Formula 1

Grand Prix bets on the winner: The result at the time of the award ceremony applies to a Grand Prix bet on the winner. Subsequent disqualifications or changes of the ranking do not effect the result of the bet. If a driver does not take part in the race, the bet is treated as lost. If the event does not take place, the odds for bets on the winner will be set at 1.0 (cancelled).

Head to Head

In respect of Head to Head bets both starters have to take part in the event. If one or both starters do not take part in the betting event, the bet is treated as cancelled. In respect of head to head bets on Formula One Grand Prix races, the driver with the better ranking at the end of a race is treated as the winner of the event. If both drivers drop out of the race before the finish, the driver who completed more rounds is treated as the winner. If both drivers drop out within the same round, the driver with the better ranking at the last completed round is treated as the winner.

Price or event rigging

Where there is evidence of price rigging, we reserve the right to settle bets at starting price, or to make bets void. Where there is evidence of corruption in any event we reserve the right to make bets on that event void.

The punter declares by concluding the bet that he does not have any knowledge about manipulations or agreements respectively concerning the bet or that he already knows the result of the event on which he has placed a bet.


Bets may only be placed on events on display in the programme at the price indicated. Not all events are available for single bets. The programme will clearly indicate the events available for single bets.

If the betting event does not take place as indicated in the list of events, the bet shall be invalid and the stakes will be paid back.

If a betting event is listed wrongly in the betting program by mistake (e.g. wrong starting number) or if there are obvious errors in the determination of the winning odds due to computer errors there is no entitlement to the bet contract. Bets that have been accepted wrongly are cancelled or accepted at the corrected quotas.

In principle, Top Goal (Malta) Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw from the betting program any announced betting events without giving reasons in full or in parts after extraordinary circumstances have become known or to make changes to the quota in the time after the generation of the betting program up to the time of placing the bets. The entitlement to winnings expires 60 days after the termination of the event.

Responsibility for bets

You accept that any amounts lost by you under any bet should not under any circumstances be recoverable from Topgoal. We suggest that Players DO NOT use the ‘Remember Password’ feature of their browser software and that Players keep their computer’s anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software updated regularly to prevent damage to their systems and their data being stolen as any bets placed using your ID and Password shall be considered to have been made by you.


Topgoal is only liable for gross negligence or deliberate actions carried out by its management, employees or vicarious agents and only for the amount of your balance and outstanding bets.

Topgoal is not responsible for the services, pages or contents of websites to which links may be provided from time to time from the Topgoal website.

Topgoal is not responsible for any consequences resulting from major incidents such as any strike, terrorist activities, political crisis, war, and saturation of the telecommunication networks, natural catastrophe; which could lead to a total or partial reduction, to the access to its services, on Internet or by phone.

Topgoal is not to be held responsible for the consequences caused by the breakdown of any device or software, directly managed or outsourced, which could lead to a total or partial reduction in access to its Services, via Internet or by phone.

In the event of any mistake or negligent act from Topgoal's part, in relation to these Terms and Conditions, the compensation available to the Player would never be any higher than the available funds on the Player’s account or the amount of the bets involved in the mistake or negligent act.

Should one or more term or condition of this agreement be declared void by a recognised Court of Justice, then the remaining Terms & Conditions would retain their validity.

These Terms & Conditions represent the whole of the agreement between Topgoal and the Player, and replace any previous written or verbal agreement, communicated by Topgoal.

Topgoal does not accept any liability whatsoever for damage to a Player or a third party which arises directly or indirectly from a mistake, misprint, malfunction of software on the Topgoal website or that of any of its affiliates and/or partners.


Any player wishing to complain can contact us at:

Top Goal (Malta) Ltd
68, Northfields Independence Avenue, No. 5


or by sending an email to

Topgoal takes complaints seriously and will use its best effort to resolve any complaints promptly. Players are to give a full detailed account when they put forward their complaint. Customer support from the complaint section will evaluate the complaint and escalate as necessary.

However, if unsatisfied with our complaint handling, players have the right to complain directly to the Malta Gaming Authority on

Players are to ensure that only complaints of a serious nature are escalated to the authority. Furthermore, once a complaint is escalated to the MGA, the decision of the MGA will be final.

Any dispute shall be governed by the laws of Malta and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Maltese courts. Malta is deemed as place of jurisdiction, regardless of the amount of the value in dispute.

In the case of any dispute between the English language version of the terms and conditions and other language versions, the English language version shall prevail.


Top Goal (Malta) Limited
Version: 2.0
Date: Aug 2016

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